Sultan of Delhi (2023)

Arjun was born into a wealthy family. However, when he was a teenager, the country experienced unrest as a result of the division of India and Pakistan. The hero and his father accidentally survived, but the rest of the family were brutally killed. Later, Arjun witnessed another bloody massacre, and worries about his father fell on his shoulders. The hero was able to go through his difficult path, rising to the pinnacle of fame and success. Having matured, the man became a promising and at the same time tough politician, capable of much to achieve his goal. When the most powerful people gather in Delhi to "rule as one", they must be led by one person, and that should be Arjun.
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Sultan of Delhi (2023)
Sultan of Delhi (2023)
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Original title:

Sultan of Delhi

Year: 2023
Country: India
Genres: Action / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
Director:Milan Luthria
  • Sultan of Delhi (2023)
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