Sakla Beni (2023)

Mete (Uraz Kaygylaroğlu) and Naz (Asude Kalibek) are heirs of wealthy families, typical representatives of the “golden” youth. Rich and powerful relatives prevent their every whim. Their common story begins when the heroes were very young. It was then that the parents agreed to marry their children, uniting their family affairs in this way. A fleeting acquaintance with Injila (Cemre Baysel), who was once Naz’s maid, leads to the fact that Mete is ready to change the fateful decision that the family once made for him. Is this meeting destined to forever change the story written by her parents for Naz? Will an extraordinary event be able to push Mete to seek true happiness in the company of the woman he truly loves?

Sakla Beni (2023)
Sakla Beni (2023)
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Original title:

Sakla Beni

Year: 2023
Country: Turkey
Genres: New Movies
Time:1h 30min
  • Sakla Beni (2023)
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