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The latest technology allows you to commit murder at the hands of someone else, moving into someone else's body. The murderous woman Tasya Vos must eliminate a tycoon by capturing the consciousness of her future son-in-law. Director / screenwriter Brandon Cronenberg is a ruthless and creepy minimalist thriller that takes audiences far beyond comfort, following in the footsteps of his iconic father, horror band creator David Cronenberg (The Fly, Export Vice).

Tasya Vos is a divorced middle-aged woman and a professional "parasite" killer. Its employers have the technology to move the consciousness of criminals into the bodies of people close to the ordered victim. This is how mercenaries commit murder under the guise of another person. After that, they force him to commit suicide and return to their body. The next "vessel" for Tasi is former drug dealer Colin Tate, who has fallen in love with his wealthy client, the daughter of an influential businessman John Pars. Pars is the one to be removed by order of his stepson. Everything is foreseen: the arrogant millionaire has been treating his daughter's groom for a long time, who now has to lose his temper and take cruel revenge. Moving into Tate's body, Tasia tries to follow this scenario. But the will of the captured object turns out to be too strong, and Tasyu herself is weakened by her past connections.
A captivating thriller, not for the faint of heart, "In the Skin of Another" can be watched in our online cinema.

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Possessor (2020)

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Possessor online

Year: 2020
Country: Canada, UK
Time:1h 43min
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