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The story of the international scandal surrounding the 1970 Miss World beauty pageant, where a black model won for the first time. During the broadcast of the contest, which attracted an audience of millions, a group of radical feminists entered the Albert Hall stage, calling this show a public humiliation of women.

Sally Alexander is a single mother and history student who is trying to pursue an academic career but is constantly confronted with sexism. Male scientists are much more interested in a girl's external data than in her scientific ideas. Sally meets an art graduate named Jo, who lives in a commune and supports radical feminist ideas. Together, the heroines decide to organize a public protest in the name of equality.

The Miss World competition is set to take place in London soon, and friends decide that this event is a great way to express their political demands, as the show literally embodies the idea of ​​discrimination. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hosten, with the dark skin of Grenada, hopes for a victory that will help her overcome the barrier of racism and break through life.

To find out how one of the most outrageous beauty pageants in history took place and how British women fought for their rights, we invite you to watch the online movie "Miss Bad Behavior" with a brilliant cast.

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Misbehaviour (2020)

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Misbehaviour online

Year: 2020
Country: UK, France
Genres: Comedy / Drama / History / New Movies
Time:1h 46min
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