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Private Ray Garrison died and was resurrected by the RST Corporation, which turned him into a killing machine. But the super warrior gets out of control and tries to figure out the truth about his past. Vin Diesel in the spectacular fantasy action film Bloodshot from the producers of the Fast and Furious franchise. The film is based on the popular comic book Valiant.

The brave soldier Ray Garrison was a mere mortal until he was killed. After a tragic and mysterious death, he begins a new life in a new body. He is resurrected by the high-tech corporation RST, which implants an entire army of "dwarf" nanobits. This is how Bloodshot is born - an invulnerable warrior with supernatural power and instant regeneration. He joins the team of advanced soldiers working for RST. But the role of an obedient killing machine does not suit him. Bloodshot wants to remember his old life and take revenge on those who destroyed it. As you know, the search for the truth can go too far and can become dangerous even for an indestructible fighter.
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Bloodshot (2020)

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Original title:

Bloodshot online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / New Movies
Time:1h 49min
Director:Dave Wilson
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