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Private Sam O'Hara, along with a small detachment, is given a risky mission - to free a group of hostages from Africa. Arriving at that place, the soldiers face not only a desperate gang, but also very angry lions.

The power and determination of Samantha O'Hara commands a detachment of mercenaries who are sent on an important mission - to save the governor's daughter, who has been taken hostage. Sam and her team overcome many obstacles, avoiding the pursuers, who are armed to the teeth and very dangerous. The real difficulties begin when the soldiers meet an escaped lioness. An aggressive predator escapes from one of the lion farms, where the animals are kept for killing and sold in parts on the black market, killing several people. Now the angry animal is ready to kill everyone who stops him. Sam and his team will have to engage the lioness in a real fight for survival, because the predator turns out to be a real killing machine.

Will the human detachment be able to cope with the evil, bloodthirsty animal? We invite fans of action-packed stories to watch the online movie "The Lioness", where the inimitable Megan Fox played the lead role.

We invite you to watch the movie "The Lioness" in our online cinema, in good HD quality. Happy viewing!

Rogue (2020)

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Original title:

Rogue online

Year: 2020
Country: South Africa, UK
Time:1h 45min
Director:M.J. Bassett
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