Inheritance (2020)

Lauren Monroe is the daughter of the owner of a million-dollar empire. Before his death, he left her a secret message, warning that the truth must not come to light. After discovering a terrible "cache", Lauren will understand why. Lily Collins and Simon Pegg in an atmospheric thriller about the family's dark secrets, Dark Legacy.

Influential millionaire Archer Monroe died suddenly in New York. The news surprises his daughter, the young and unwavering lawyer Lauren, by surprise. Also among the heirs are the wife of the late Catherine and his son, an ambitious politician William. He shouldn't know that in addition to property and money, Archer left a special video message for Lauren only. In the video, he confesses to his daughter what he could not or did not have time to tell during his life. And he apologizes for a terrible act. Following her instructions, Lauren finds an underground forest in the forest. The truth overcomes all his fears, although this is only part of the truth so far. Unraveling step by step, Lauren realizes how little she knew about her own family. Is he ready to defend her to the end?
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Inheritance (2020)
Inheritance (2020)
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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 51min
Director:Vaughn Stein
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