Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)

Dr. Emma Collins, who studies the impact of climate change on ocean dwellers, is helping her former colleague Richard Lowell spot two killer sharks.

Marine biologist Emma Collins and a team of scientists spend the third consecutive summer on the small and picturesque island of Little Happy. Collins studies the effects of climate change on marine life - especially white sharks, which swim every year at a nearby kindergarten to produce offspring. Her peaceful existence is disrupted by the return of Richard Lowell, a former partner and colleague, who asks Emma to help him find two dangerous animals. Bull sharks, which Richard is looking for, have already killed several people and it is feared that it threatens a large number of people ...

Will Emma and Richard be able to stop the fierce predators before it's too late? Will they be able to become a real team again in the face of the danger of death? We invite fans of stories about dangerous creatures to watch online the captivating fantastic movie "Deep Blue Sea 3".

We invite you to watch the movie "Deep Blue Sea 3" in our online cinema, in good HD quality. Happy viewing!

Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)
Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)
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Original title:

Deep Blue Sea 3

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / New Movies
Time:1h 40min
Director:John Pogue
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