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Returning from military service, the soldier woman Ali tries to get rid of the nightmares of the past. Get a job as a simple porter in one of the historic houses in New York. When a building becomes the target of armed bandits, the girl must remember her fighting skills ...

Ali Gorski is a soldier of the American army who failed in an important mission in Romania. After being attacked by the enemy, the girl failed in her pregnancy and failed to save the people she had to protect. Returning to New York, she finds herself unemployed and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

With the help of her uncle Pat, the girl gets a job as a porter at the elite Carrington Hotel. The building is being renovated and looks almost empty over the Easter weekend. The quiet service turns into a new nightmare for Ali when it turns out that the hotel contains a valuable piece of art, for which a real hunt takes place ... In order to fulfill his duty, Ali has to face a gang of cruel criminals ...

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The Doorman (2020)

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Original title:

The Doorman online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 37min
Director:Ryûhei Kitamura
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