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At Covington School, inexplicable and terrible events happen: students explode right in the corridors and no one can understand what is happening. Against the background of horror, high school students Mara and Dylan begin their first relationship - they want to live today in a world where death can lurk at every step ...

High school student Mara leads the happy life of an ordinary teenager: she gets along well with her loving parents and spends a lot of time with her best friend Tess. Everything changes suddenly when frightening events begin to appear in her school: the students explode one by one right in the classroom. No one can explain what is happening, but school life continues in the same regime, although the number of victims increases every day.

Despite the horror and widespread chaos, happy events also occur with Mara. A friend of a girl named Dylan confesses his love for her, and the teenagers start a relationship. Tired of being afraid of tomorrow and possible death, try to live in the present and enjoy every second ...

How will Mary and Dylan's story turn out? Will they be able to find out what's going on at their school? We invite fans of horror comedies to watch the exciting movie "Spontaneity" online with the talented Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer.

We invite you to watch the movie "Spontaneity" in our online cinema, in good HD quality. Enjoy!

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Spontaneous (2020)

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Original title:

Spontaneous online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 41min
Director:Brian Duffield
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