15 Cameras (2023)

A married couple was able to save a small amount of money, which they are going to invest in real estate. They become the owners of a duplex - a two-story house. There are several apartments in it, and now the spouses themselves will live in one of them, and they will rent out the others and thus pay off the loan. But soon Cam and Skye have problems with their new home. It turns out that this house used to belong to a very strange man who installed cameras in every room and monitored his guests. Later, Rentier ended up in a psychiatric clinic, where he died. The heroes, when buying real estate, were sure that all the equipment that this man used had long been removed, but one day Skye finds a secret room from which they can still monitor the residents.
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15 Cameras (2023)
15 Cameras (2023)
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Original title:

15 Cameras

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 29m
Director:Danny Madden
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