A Deadly Invitation (2023)

Olivia's financial affairs have been in a very difficult state lately, and it's all to blame for her failures in her personal life. The heroine has already been married five times, and her last husband received almost all her money during the divorce. A woman wants to involve her friends in solving her problems, for which she invites them to a luxury yacht. She is going to perform a small performance in front of them, in which she will play the main role of a suicide, and her sister, who has the abilities of a detective, must get to the bottom of the truth. However, all Olivia's plans are shattered at the very moment when a real corpse is found on board.
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A Deadly Invitation (2023)
A Deadly Invitation (2023)
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Original title:

Invitación a un Asesinato

Year: 2023
Country: Mexico
Time:1h 32m
Director:J.M Cravioto
  • A Deadly Invitation (2023)
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