Locked In (2023)

The main character gets married and becomes part of a wealthy aristocratic family. Now the woman lives in a luxurious big house, but her life turns out to be far from rosy. Lina has a difficult relationship with her mother-in-law. Constant family troubles lead to the heroine having an affair with the family doctor. She thinks that the man sincerely loves her, but in fact, Robert Lawrence is making his own far-reaching plans to get rich. He had already been able to turn Lina’s husband into a person dependent on painkillers and sedatives, but this seemed not enough to him. One day he invites the couple to go on a boat ride, as a result of which the heroine’s husband drowns. After this, the woman inherits a huge fortune, which, according to the plan developed by Lawrence, must be transferred to him. But Lina finally understands what this man is like and does not want to sell the estate, because then her mother-in-law will lose her house. She refuses her lover. Only he came up with another backup option. It turns out that he also had an affair with her mother-in-law Katherine, and now the two have teamed up to kill Lina.
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Locked In (2023)
Locked In (2023)
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Original title:

Locked In

Year: 2023
Time:1h 36m
Director:Nour Wazzi
  • Locked In (2023)
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