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Contemporary Oliver Twist, a London street artist, falls into a band of notorious adventurers and crooks. These involve a newcomer in a dangerous scam related to the theft of a world masterpiece. A new approach to a Charles Dickens classic.

Twist is a young graffiti man from London. One day, while running away from the traffic police inspector, the guy runs into Dodge and Batesy. The new acquaintances introduce Twist to their boss, the former art dealer Fagin, who now leads a criminal gang. The other members of the gang are a girl named Red and her violent partner Sykes.

Fajdin initiates Twist in his cunning plan: together with Sykes, he organizes a major robbery. The goal is to recover a valuable Hogarth painting from the galloping gallery owner Crispin Lusborne, due to which Fagin's career in the art world collapsed. Twist agrees to take part in the murder, not yet knowing what difficulties he will face ...

We invite fans of crime fighters to watch the online movie "The Oliver Twist Scam", where they played the legend of British cinema Michael Caine, the talented Lena Headey and the young Raff Lowe.

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Twist (2021)

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Original title:

Twist online

Year: 2021
Country: UK
Genres: Action / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
Director:Martin Owen
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