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​Sources reported that Roe v. Wade had been filming since June 15, 2018, under the title 1973. The production was kept hidden from the media until a July 2018 report in The Hollywood Reporter revealed that shooting had taken place in Louisiana. Several cast and crew members (including the original director) left the project within the first few days of filming because of the anti-abortion theme of Loeb and Cathy Allyn's screenplay. One crew member told The Daily Beast, "They're not keeping people in the loop with the script. When people finally receive the script, they've dropped out really fast." Rather than send scripts out in advance, lines are changed just before shooting. Loeb and Allyn stepped in as directors though they have very little experience. Some locations barred the filmmakers from shooting. Louisiana State University explained filming was not allowed there because of logistical issues and not the film's subject matter.
Executive producer Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, told Fox News the aim of the film is "to educate the public" with "facts, no fake news". Of the controversy surrounding the film, she acknowledged: "Folks that are inside the set, inside the project, are getting pressure from Hollywood and from outside. They don't want the truth to come out. And so for various reasons, investors, donors, cast [and] crew are getting rattled from all this pressure." The film's unit production manager (UPM), though, disputed King's "no fake news" statement in a Salon report. The UPM told the website that he withdrew from the project the day before filming began because he felt the script was laden with historical inaccuracies but promotes them as factual. For example, an early draft portrayed birth control activist Margaret Sanger as a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) sympathizer who disparaged black people before 15 robed women during a cross burning, a claim which Sanger biographer Jean H. Baker declared false. Baker wrote to PolitiFact, "She was far ahead of her times in terms of opposing racial segregation. She worked closely with black leaders to open birth control clinics in Harlem and elsewhere. She believed all women should have the information about birth control that rich women had, hence her lecture to the KKK women."
Variety reported that the film had received funding from the BCL Finance Group, in September 2018.​

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