Stowaway (2021)

Stranger aboard, a film directed by Joe Penna, tells of a two-year space expedition directed to Mars in order to study the planet and see if one day it will be able to host humanity. The crew consists of three people: the commander (Toni Collette), the biologist Kim (Daniel Dae Kim) and the medical researcher Levenson (Anna Kendrick).
Shortly after take-off, the three found a stowaway inside the spacecraft, a launch support engineer (Shamier Anderson), who was injured during the works. The group takes care of him and when he wakes up they try to calm him down. Although the engineer works hard to help the crew in their work, the presence of too much of him will cause sudden consequences that will compromise the mission and put everyone present in serious danger.

Stowaway (2021)
Stowaway (2021)
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Year: 2021
Country: Germany, USA
Time:1h 56min
Director:Joe Penna
  • Stowaway (2021)
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