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The woman wakes up in a cryogenic room and realizes that she can't remember who she is or how she got here. The only thing that can help her is the MILO virtual assistant, but she refuses to execute some commands without a password. Meanwhile, the oxygen level drops inexorably. 
Heartbroken by the truth, she figures out the awakening was due to a processor overheating and she must divert the functions of the processor to another processor assigned to non essential functions, but initially fails since the data exceeds the capacity. As time passes by and with oxygen levels fading, she prepares for suicide by opening the pod. Shortly after, she finds out that Leo is also in hypersleep in the spaceship, but deduces he lacks a scar on his forehead he had before. Upon further investigation, through a video presented by an elderly version of her, it is revealed that she is a genetic clone with the original Elizabeth Hassen's personality and memories transfered to her, which is why she perceives visions with Leo. 
When a euthanasia procotol is activated and proceeds to start to kill Elizabeth, she manages to deactivate it and successfully diverts the functions of the processor and is put back in hypersleep. The final scene shows Leo and Elizabeth on the new planet smiling, embracing each other.

Oxygen (2021)

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Original title:

Oxygène online

Year: 2021
Country: France, USA
Time:1h 40min
Director:Alexandre Aja
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