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Bharti Mandal is a worker at a factory. She is well educated and qualified and is looking to get a higher-paying data operator job in the same factory. Her dreams are shattered with the arrival of Priya Sharma, who is given the position because she has the right technical skills for the job. Bharti is bitter and is told by her co-workers that she didn't get the job because of her caste. 
Priya arrives at the canteen for lunch and tries to strike a conversation with Bharti, who doesn't reciprocate. Bharti gets into an altercation with a fellow male co-worker and is hurt. Priya tends to her wounds and tells her that she reminds her of her childhood friend Kavita. When asked her full name, Bharti lies that she's Bharti Banerjee. The two ladies go out together the next day when Priya reveals to Bharti that she doesn't know any of the technical skills required for the job but was only employed because of her palm-reading skills. This greatly hurts Bharti, and she cries while Priya hugs her. Slowly, they start developing a bond. Priya reveals to Bharti that her childhood friend Kavita doesn't talk to her anymore and is married and doesn't want anything to do with her because she's happy. One day, Priya visits Bharti, and they have a moment. Priya is visibly upset and apologizes. Later on, Priya invites Bharti to her birthday party, where she lives with her husband and in-laws. Priya gets very emotional during the party, and when Bharti and Priya are alone, she reveals that she feels no love for her husband even though he's accommodating and nice. She also tells her that her husband wants a baby, and she doesn't feel right about it. Bharti tells her that it's not a defect and the only easy way out is to accept the truth. She then reveals to Priya that she's Bharti Mandal and that her family was in the midwifery business. This causes a change in Priya's attitude.Priya is then thrown a surprise birthday party in the office with the higher officials. Bharti is not allowed and is only called in to serve cake to everyone. Bharti cries, and when Priya comes to her, she tells her that the best way to deal with her internal conflict is to have a baby and become a mother just like Kavita. She then goes on to help Priya conceive while she handles Priya's work. A now pregnant Priya goes on maternity leave, recommending Bharti to take over her responsibilities. After the birth, Bharti visits Priya. Priya's husband mentions that she'd return to work soon, but Priya's mother-in-law is completely against it. She asks Bharti for her opinion since she comes from a family of midwives. Bharti recommends against returning to work. Bharti goes to work and is told that Priya has quit and Bharti can now take over the job completely. Priya's change in attitude and caste discrimination at office and Priya's home deeply hurts Bharti so she opposed Priya going to work so that she get the job she always wanted

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Ajeeb Daastaans (2021)

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Original title:

Ajeeb Daastaans online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:2h 22min
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