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However Kuttappan returns home even though he is bed ridden and is unable to speak. Jomon is visibly upset over father's condition, while the other family members at various level hopes for a speedy death. Joji even visits his father in bed and mocks his paralyzed hand which was used to abuse him. The brothers also arrange last rites for Kuttappan.
When Kuttappan shows further physical sufferings, Jomon decide to sanction a risky surgery, which is successful. This brings a recovering Kuttappan back into the house, albeit in a wheelchair. This gets everyone in the house back into their old ways.
As prompted by Bincy, Jaison asks his father for money to buy a new house in the town. But Kuttapan rejects it and ridicules Jaison. Kuttappan also manages to use a pen to sign a cheque indicating his improved condition. An upset Bincy shares her frustration with Joji. Joji decides to stand up against his father and demands him to step down. However the old man manages to choke Joji with his able left hand and ridicules him. Joji decides to kill his father, and begins to secretly replace Kuttappan’s daily medication with similar looking pills. This is witnessed by Bincy, Jaison’s wife, who does not divulge the truth as she and Jaison too secretly wish for Kuttappan’s death. Joji’s plan works and Kuttappan dies soon.
Jomon, already an alcoholic, bursts firecrackers at the funeral procession, claiming his father would not have wanted a depressing funeral. This leads the family into a tuffle with the church priest, Father Kevin (Basil Joseph). Not long after the funeral, the family meets presided by Dr. Felix to partition the dead man's estate. Jomon objects the partition saying it will be disrespectful to the spirit of their father. Jomon and Jaison enters into a heated argument. Joji rises to the occasion and proposes a solution agreed by both his brothers impressing everyone.
Rumours begins to spread related to Kuttappan's death thanks to the firecrackers at the funeral. Joji  has nightmares of his father's deadbody. He tries to destroy the evidence by lighting all medicine strips that was used in the gruesome act. But this leads to a minor fire near the pond in the planatation. Jomon notices the sign of fire next morning. Joji manages to escape but he lies to Jomon that he doesn’t visit the pond at all.
Jomon is upset over rumors that Kuttappan's murder is suspicious and someone in the family is behind it. The public suspects the family tried to avoid post mortum examination of Kuttappan's dead body. Jomon wants to confront Thotta Sudhi who was loud about Joji’s apathetic walking towards the house as Bincy was crying out when Kuttappan died. Joji joins Jomon in searching for Sudhi in the planatations. They find Sudhi working alone in the planatation making thotta (a crude explosive used in breaking stones). When comfronted, he runs away after a heated exchange with the brothers but not before spilling some beans which makes Jomon suspicious of Joji. Realizing Joji is hiding something, Jomon attacks him, and Joji subdues him using an air gun that belonged to Popy, and throws Sudhi's explosives at him, killing him instantly. Joji provides a statement to the police that makes it look like Sudhi was responsible for Jomon’s death.

Joji (2021)

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Original title:

Joji online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Crime / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 53min
Director:Dileesh Pothan
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