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The police tries to take advantage of this situation and catch Ali. One day Ali recieves a packet of weapons along with his other smuggled items. He refuses to use it and ask his workers to hide it under a pit. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake strikes Ramadapally and causes disproportionate losses to the Christian community therehe Muslim community doesn't allow Christian refugees but Ali manages to let all others in by threatening them with a gun. The refusal by the Muslims angers David and he leaves with his family. The the collector and Police along with the MLA P. A. Aboobacker, who is manipulating both David and Ali for his own benefits, manipulates David into starting riot at the mosque premises. Aboo's goons murder a fellow and pins it on David, leading to a big communal fight between Christians and Muslims. Ali's 5 year-old son Ameer is killed in police firing. Some of the local goons pull the hidden weapons and use them to cause a serious communal issue. Ali's supporters kill the policeman , who ordered firing and rides a car over Anwar who was leaving after dropping his daughter at school. The tension escalates and David is shot by Ali's goons. He becomes disabled.
Ali's mother ask Freddy not to kill him but says he should be brought before the law. However David and his wife ask him to kill Ali. Freddy is transferred into Ali's cell. Next morning while Ali is praying, Freddy tries to kill him but Ali uses his smuggled gun to defend himself. Ali breaks down saying he can't lose one more son after Ameer. Ali blames David for his son's death and the riots and its only his mercy that has let David live. Freddy falters. Ali has a panic attack and Freddy calls the police for help. The jail doctor arrives and strangles Ali with her stethoscope and declares him dead by suicide, leaving Freddy stunned. We learn that the jail doctor who killed Ali was actually Anwar's daughter and that Anwar is bedridden with full body paralysis.Freddy is released from jail and enters the mosque where Ali's last rites are performed. He throws a stone at Aboobacker who was giving out an eulogising speech on Ali and inciting communal violence. In a mid-credits scene, Anwar reveals to the media that the riot at Ramadapally was not because of Muslims and Christians but it was a madeup riot by the police, confirming what Ali himself suspected.

Malik (2021)

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Original title:

Malik online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Time:2h 42min
Director:Mahesh Naryanan
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