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​Following a partnership between Asia Television and Phoenix Waters Productions whereby Bizhan Tong would develop several Films, Series, and Variety shows for the Hong Kong broadcaster as its Executive Producer, Lockdown was the first project placed under development. Principal photography commenced in September 2020, with Bizhan Tong directing a screenplay he had written in response to the passing of his mentor and the George Floyd protests which took place in the weeks after. Filming wrapped in November and was announced in December 2020. The film is an international co-production with scenes shot around the world including the UK, Hong Kong, USA, Italy and Japan. It is also the launch of a new international franchise with plans for the sequel to expand to South Korea with Tong already in talks with a Korean star. In January 2021 amid a corporate restructuring, AMM Global Media was formed as part of the ATV Group in order to devote itself entirely to creative entertainment with international appeal, with all 19 of Tong's creative projects including Lockdown (2021) shifting there, and Tong's remit expanding to act as its Executive Director. An eclectic cast was hired for the production ranging from Do the Right Thing actor John Savage and The Walking Dead actor Xander Berkeley to AV Idol Meguri.
On March 15, 2021 the trailer and poster for Lockdown was released to coincide with FILMART.
The film was shot between September and November 2020. In order to minimize risk of COVID-19 infection, separate production teams were hired in the UK, Hong Kong, and Japan with the director being the only member of the production who would fly between sets. In other cases the actors were directed remotely.​

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