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Based on our knowledge about the movie filming conditions that we have from the actors, budget and Story, I am happy to provide a 8.

1. Actors. They did work for Free. Because they like to act or they like to skate, who have never acted before. It was an opportunity to enjoy what we love. On the skaters level, all the skaters are really good on their skills, but sometimes the script doesn't try to make the skaters show off, it narrates a story do not pretend to make the skaters be better as individual. If you want to amazed by the skills, go and find the skaters on their personal Instagram Accounts and they wont disappoint you.

2. Budget: The whole movie has been produced, filmed, edited and written by the same person so I consider this an important aspect when you judge a movie.

3. Story: If you only watch a movie thinking of the story and if you like it, maybe you should learn a bit more cine. A movie bigger than the story that narrates. It isn't only the story is also the budget, the team is behind and the quality of actors, which I consider is much better than many others like the repetitive movies of superheroes that you predict almost the whole movie and the budget and actors quality is superb. The final is a bit "Deux Ex Machine" solution, but like I said, many movies just kill the villain to end the story. Skating has this kind of chance of be hit by a car likely than many other events.

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Roller Squad (2021)

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Original title:

Roller Squad online

Year: 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Action / Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 26min
Director:Berty Cadilhac
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