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A 2021 zombie movie, will I watch it? Of course. Did I have any expectations for it? No, not really.

Did writers Will Martin and Dan Rickard deliver a wholesome and entertaining movie. No, not even remotely. So was it worth the time, money and effort? No, no and no.

First of all, let's just address the first scene, the intro scene, that was blatantly stolen from "28 Days Later", from the atmosphere, the events that happened and even the music was very much reminiscent of that other and far more entertaining movie. Sure, this was off to an adequate start.

Then the movie just fell apart. The camera work in the movie was all over the place, and a lot of wobbly, shaky and out-of-focus camera work does not make for an entertaining movie in my book. Nay, when I sit down to watch a movie, I want to watch a wholesome movie with proper production value, and not something I could film better with my own DV camera.

The storyline is so generic and mundane that you could essentially drift off to Sleepland, which you will mostly likely do during the course of "Infected: The Darkest Day", and wake up later and still be up to speed with the events of the movie.

And then there was the sound. By God that was a mess. The scenes with infected, shooting, helicopters and what not were of adequate sound, you know where you could hear things properly. Then cut to every single scene with dialogue, and the sound was so low and muffled that it was hard to comprehend most of the dialogue. Luckily I had the option for subtitles, which I had to make use of in order to comprehend the dialogue.

The acting in "Infection: The Darkest Day" was dubious at best. So you are not in for something great here.

The zombie make-up was not really impressive, so "Infected: The Darkest Day" didn't harvest any much needed points here.

Sure, they had things like soldiers, proper costumes, even helicopters (or proper CGI ones), so it wasn't all bad. But yeah, it was.

"Infected: The Darkest Day" was indeed a dark day in the history of zombie movie, because this heap of rubbish from director Dan Rickard is one you should avoid. I am rating this 2021 movie a mere two out of ten stars. This was by no means a shining or glorious moment in the history of zombie movies. Nor is it a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time, nor one I would recommend you waste your time, money or effort on.

Infected (2021)

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Original title:

Infected: The Darkest Day online

Year: 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 21min
Director:Dan Rickard
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