JJ+E (2021)

We've seen this multiple times: poor boy falls in love with rich girl. Their romance is forbidden and eventually their different backgrounds becomes an issue.

Cliché storylines are ok, as long as the execution is well done. And that's the problem.

It's a visually stunning movie and the lead characters are adorable, but there was not enough development. Besides perhaps Sluggo (JJ's best friend) the viewer doesn't get to know their families and friends at all, so you don't care about them. We are introduced to their family dynamics but it goes nowhere. Their daily lives, who they are and their dreams and fears also doesn't matter much.

I feel like it was very slow paced and lacked substance. The climax is very sudden and lasts a few minutes, then there's an abrupt ending. When watching movies like this, we want to know the characters and root for their love. In this case we barely knew who JJ and Elisabeth were, so I genuinely didn't care if they would be together or not.

JJ+E (2021)
JJ+E (2021)
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Year: 2021
Country: Sweden
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
Director:Alexis Almström
  • JJ+E (2021)
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