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The action takes place in the distant future. Earthlings are very energetic in exploring outer space, mostly not for scientific purposes, but for colonization and utilization of natural resources. Because there are practically none left on Earth. Among these daredevils there are many sincere and cynical lovers who would take advantage of other people's useful treasures, artifacts and minerals. Even planets ravaged and abandoned by large corporations attract their attention.

One of these planets called Pandora has become a field of constant conflict and fighting.

A woman named Lilith, with a mysterious criminal past, returns to this planet in search of her lost daughter. She is forced to work with a bunch of very strange characters: Roland, a repentant former mercenary; Teenage demolition worker Tiny Tina; Krieg, who protects Tina; scholar Patricia Tannis; incredibly sentient robot Claptrap.

The whole team will enter into a dangerous bond and have to fight the villains, including alien monsters and human thugs.

Why such risks? First, the mother must find her beloved daughter. Secondly, the girl knows a secret that leads to the possession of incredible power, which in criminal hands can threaten the entire universe.

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Borderlands (2022)

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Original title:

Borderlands online

Year: 2022
Country: United States
Time:1h 30m
Director:Eli Roth
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