God Is a Bullet (2023)

The main character has been working in the police for a long time. Many of his colleagues in the vice department respect him for his hard work and honesty. But one day Bob Hightower's ordinary life comes crashing down when he learns of his wife's death. At the same time, some strangers kidnap his daughter. Studying the evidence, the hero comes to the conclusion that this is the work of a dangerous cult. Bob watches as the detectives investigate and realizes that everything is moving too slowly. Then the hero decides to save his daughter himself. He leaves the department and starts looking for information on Satanists, not always acting legally. Bob is helped in his search by a girl who was the only one who managed to escape from the representatives of this cult.
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God Is a Bullet (2023)
God Is a Bullet (2023)
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Original title:

God Is a Bullet

Year: 2023
Country: Mexico, United States
Genres: Action / Crime / Horror / New Movies
Time:2h 36m
Director:Nick Cassavetes
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