Mob Land (2023)

American provincial town. Simple workers Shelby and Trey decide to arrange a daring robbery to get money for their family. Their murder doesn't go as planned, resulting in a shootout, killing two people and barely escaping the scene. Soon, their trail is hot on the heels of an experienced sheriff, Bodie Davis, who wants to put an end to the drug business that is slowly devouring his hometown at any cost. However, the lawman is not Shelby and Trey's most dangerous opponent. The robbers don't even suspect that the money they stole belongs to a powerful mob boss who is eager to get revenge on the people who thwarted his plans.

Mob Land (2023)
Mob Land (2023)
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Original title:

Mob Land

Year: 2023
Country: Canada
Time:1h 51m
Director:Nicholas Maggio
  • Mob Land (2023)
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