The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race (2023)

The main character has been living in the metropolis for a long time, but one day he takes a short vacation from work to go home and visit his family. Penny returns just as everyone in town is preparing for their annual festival, which includes a competition called the Potato Run. Residents say only this about him and the new rules. Many are interested in the heroine if she will take part in it. Penny refuses, as she considers this idea completely frivolous. However, she soon learns of the injustice, which forces her to take action. Apparently, in case of victory, the man will receive two thousand dollars at the festival, and the women - only two hundred dollars. The heroine organizes activists, and together they block the road, demanding justice.
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The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race (2023)
The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race (2023)
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Original title:

The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race

Year: 2023
Country: Australia
Genres: Comedy / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 48m
Director:Lynn Hegarty
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