Breaking Point (2023)

The brothers grew up with parents who always tried to take care of their children and supported all their hobbies. However, competition was always felt between the boys, and only the mother reconciled them. In adolescence, the struggle between the heroes only increased, and when they suddenly lost the closest person, they generally stopped being held back by anything. Each of them is ready to go to any trick to prove their superiority. During this time, Trey and Benji get into breakdancing and want to make the British team to compete in the championship. They try to get around each other and get their wish, but soon realize they can't do it alone. Then the heroes join forces, proving once again how important family and the support of loved ones are.
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Breaking Point (2023)
Breaking Point (2023)
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Original title:

Breaking Point

Year: 2023
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Sport / New Movies
Time:1h 42m
  • Breaking Point (2023)
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