Sister Death (2023)

The main character had unusual abilities as a child, but decided to abandon them forever and devote her life to serving God. Now Narcissa has become a nun and feels peaceful and calm. But one day she is sent to a girls' school to replace one of the teachers who suddenly died. When the heroine arrives at a new place and settles in one of the rooms, she finds a photograph of the deceased. From that moment on, she cannot sleep peacefully due to constant nightmares. However, soon the line between sleep and reality begins to blur, and Narcissa sees strange, frightening things in reality. During her classes, she pays attention to the behavior of her students, who are clearly afraid of something. Later, the heroine comes to the conclusion that evil has settled within the walls of the educational institution, which is capable of destroying everyone who is in this place.
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Sister Death (2023)
Sister Death (2023)
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Original title:

Hermana muerte

Year: 2023
Country: Spain
Genres: Horror / Mystery / New Movies
Time:1h 31m
Director:Paco Plaza
  • Sister Death (2023)
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