Ondskan (2023)

The main character has a hard time, because his life is full of violence both at school and at home. Every day his father beats him, and his mother pretends that everything is fine. At school, the guy also often becomes a participant in conflicts, in which he pours out his anger and hatred. As a result, the management expels him from the educational institution. The only place that agrees to accept Eric is the boarding school. But when the hero arrives there, he very soon realizes that a repressive system reigns here and older students have the right to bully younger ones without fear of any punishment. What helps Eric endure and not break is the bright feelings he has for Marie, a girl who works in the kitchen. She also does not accept violence and becomes for the hero a ray of hope that someday he will be able to find happiness.
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Ondskan (2023)
Ondskan (2023)
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Year: 2023
Country: Sweden
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
  • Ondskan (2023)
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