Everything Now (2023)

The main character studies at one of the schools in London. The girl is going through a difficult teenage period, which leads to strong internal experiences, which cause her digestive problems. The situation worsens so much that Mia Polanco is admitted to the clinic with a diagnosis of anorexia. The girl undergoes treatment, which turns out to be successful. After it, she returns to school and her friends. Will, Becca and Cam try to support her, but Mia soon realizes that while she was under medical supervision, she missed many school events. To make up for lost time, the heroine writes down her wishes, which she intends to fulfill.
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Everything Now (2023)
Everything Now (2023)
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Original title:

Everything Now

Year: 2023
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Comedy / Drama / New Movies
  • Everything Now (2023)
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