Wingwomen (2023)

The main character has been breaking the law for a long time and is a professional thief. Together with his friend Alex, who can shoot well, they have pulled off many robberies. However, gradually both women came to the conclusion that they no longer felt the same enthusiasm and would like to retire. But their leader, nicknamed Godmother, doesn’t want to just let such beautiful employees go. She instructs them to carry out the latest theft. To do this, the heroines go to Corsica, where they must rob the Louvre. And for their plan to succeed, the women take a third member into their team, who can drive a car superbly and is familiar with various tricks.
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Wingwomen (2023)
Wingwomen (2023)
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Year: 2023
Country: France
Genres: Action / Comedy / Crime / New Movies
Time:1h 56m
Director:Mélanie Laurent
  • Wingwomen (2023)
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