Hurricane Season (2023)

Luisme is a young guy who often attended parties, enjoying alcohol and female attention. But one day he met a very young 14-year-old girl who found herself in a difficult situation. She ran away from home because she was constantly abused by her stepfather and is now expecting a child from him. Luisme is so imbued with her story that he promises to accept her into his home and become the father of the future baby. However, the guy's mother does not like this decision. She forces Norma to go to the local witch to terminate the pregnancy. When Luisme returns home, he finds the girl in terrible condition. Then the guy and his friend go to the witch to take revenge, but at some point everything gets out of control, and in the morning her body is found in a canal.
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Hurricane Season (2023)
Hurricane Season (2023)
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Original title:

Temporada de huracanes

Year: 2023
Country: Mexico
Genres: Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 39m
Director:Elisa Miller
  • Hurricane Season (2023)
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