The Mill (2023)

Joe Stevens is the manager of the huge Mallard conglomerate. The hero tries to work well to improve his financial situation. He knows that his family will soon need additional money, because the couple is expecting the birth of a child. But one day, for unknown reasons, Joe wakes up in a strange prison cell. Now he must carry out new duties associated with the old mill, and strictly adhere to all the rules adopted for prisoners. The hero feels anxiety and loneliness. In an effort to find a way out of the situation and return to his loved ones, he turns to his mysterious neighbor for help. However, Joe Stevens understands that a stranger cannot be completely trusted either.
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The Mill (2023)
The Mill (2023)
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Original title:

The Mill

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Genres: Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / New Movies
Time:1h 46m
  • The Mill (2023)
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