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A group of college students spend the night in a spooky old mansion, only to realize that a terrifying stalker is following their every move, planning to get hold of an ancient Native American artifact inside the house.

The viewer will see the massacre with a lot of blood and witness the funeral. Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight) stars alongside Chelsea Vail (My Adventures with Santa, The Legendary Heist), wrestler Vinnie Marcelia (Undercover Dog), Chris Whitcomb (Baking Tents) and more.

The film opens with an introduction of a mysterious man whose face remains hidden from the camera. He applies war paint to the Native Americans and raises a tomahawk. In the background, Michael Madsen's signature voice delivers a monologue about indigenous peoples' sacred and respectful relationship with the land before the arrival of the white people that changed everything.

Next, the viewer sees Adrianna (Chelsea Vale) driving in an unknown direction, and a Native American woman is standing on the side of the road. Afterwards, a mysterious figure in the intro brutally kills the couple in the car.

The horror film takes place in a spacious mansion owned by Chase (Blaise Serra) and his family. It just so happens that his parents are out of town, which of course means it's time for a big party. Javon's best friend (Chris Whitcomb) helps him get organized and invites Adrianna and Kayla (Brittany Tocco). But there's a problem - the guy's mansion is built on an old Indian burial site. This adds fuel to the fire, and obviously something terrible will happen to the partygoers.

The Chase family also owns various indigenous artifacts, including a special cursed ring that Chief Tocho (Christopher K. Romero) believes caused his people to lose their land. That's why he's so determined to get it back. To do this, he hires a mysterious man named Damon (Madsen).

Cemetery Massacre is not the kind of movie that wants to say something deep, or scare a lot. This is a modern nod to the slasher films of the 70s and 80s. It has everything a good representative of the genre should have - a mysterious killer, gratuitous crime scenes and buckets of blood. And of course, anyone who has seen Poltergeist and the like will be delighted to see the classic idea of a haunted graveyard.

Burial (2022)

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Original title:

Burial online

Year: 2022
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Thriller / War / New Movies
Time:1h 35m
Director:Ben Parker
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