Alienoid (2022)

For many centuries, an alien race has kept its criminals in human bodies, and people don't even know about it. Able to travel through time with the help of an energy dagger, the Guard with a robot assistant is assigned to make sure the prisoners don't come to their senses and escape. In 1380, they capture another awakened criminal, but his human shell leaves a child, apparently doomed to die.

1391, Goryeo. With a fan of magic and martial arts skills, the Taoist Mu-ryk, in the company of two assistants, searches for a magical blade for which he has been assigned a considerable reward, and in the process meets a mysterious girl. And in 2022, in Seoul, the 10-year-old "daughter" of the Security Guard has long suspected that "daddy" is not a person and begins to sniff out what makes him so interesting.

Alienoid (2022)
Alienoid (2022)
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Original title:

Oegye+in 1bu

Year: 2022
Country: South Korea
Time:2h 22m
Director:Dong-hoon Choi
  • Alienoid (2022)
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