Spy (2023)

The picture is about a real-life historical figure. The creators play just a little with the facts, embellishing and intriguing even more.

The plot that preceded the mysterious and tense events of the present day took place in 1945, at the end of World War II. Indian political leader Netaja Subhas Chandra Bose fought for his country's independence against the British colonial system. He created an armed national army, which was based in Singapore. Pursuing the good intentions of freeing his people from the English invaders, he went to Japan to gain the support of the local government. Shortly after this visit, he was involved in a plane crash, was seriously injured, and later died in hospital.

The suspicious and mysterious death of the leader gave rise to many versions and assumptions. Decades later, an R&AW special agent learns about this incident and realizes that his condition is once again on the verge of terrible changes. But he will do his best to prevent chaos.

Spy (2023)
Spy (2023)
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Year: 2023
Country: India
Genres: Action / Thriller / New Movies
Time:2h 15m
Director:Garry Bh
  • Spy (2023)
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