Shooting Stars (2023)

The main character grew up in one of the poor areas of Ohio. It seemed that nothing good awaits such a guy in the future, but he managed to change it. Since childhood, LeBron James has been heavily involved in sports and dreamed of becoming a famous player one day. He trained a lot, did not give in to difficulties and never stopped on the way to his goal. His path to glory was thorny. The hero had to face injustice, misunderstanding and prejudice several times, but the dream always led him forward, not allowing him to stop the proposed path. Thanks to his perseverance and perseverance, LeBron managed to reach the top of the sport: he has two Olympic gold medals and a two-time NBA title.
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Shooting Stars (2023)
Shooting Stars (2023)
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Original title:

Shooting Stars

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Time:1h 56m
Director:Chris Robinson
  • Shooting Stars (2023)
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