Sheroes (2023)

Each of her friends does her own thing: Diamond devotes a lot of time to meditation and yoga, Ezra acts in movies, Daisy works in an art gallery, and Ryder skateboards. Despite the fact that the girls are engaged in completely different fields, however, they are united by a common feeling of disappointment due to the discrepancy between reality and expectations. They find their life uninteresting and boring. But one day, Diamond's father invites his daughter and her friends to relax in the villa. The girls happily agree, but during the flight, Ryder is accidentally given a bag that belongs to another passenger. It contains drugs, for which the hunt soon begins. The bandits kidnap Ezra, demanding the return of the goods. The heroines cannot call the police for help, otherwise they will lose their friend forever, so they have no choice but to correct the situation themselves.
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Sheroes (2023)
Sheroes (2023)
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Year: 2023
Time:1h 31m
Director:Jordan Gertner
  • Sheroes (2023)
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