Adipurush (2023)

The plot is built around the prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty of Kosala Raghava. He, along with his wife Janaki and younger brother Shesh, end up in a remote forest where they will serve their exile for fourteen years. Not far from where the heroes have settled in an attempt to build a life in the proposed circumstances, the demon Shurpankha appears and tries to seduce the brothers, while the creature of darkness wants to get rid of Janaka forever. However, an attempt to kill a woman turns into a shameful defeat for the demon - she loses her ears and nose and is forced to retreat with nothing.

The Demon King Lankesh, who is Shurpankha's sister, comes to know about the humiliating incident and decides to take revenge on the demon criminals by kidnapping Janaki. Raghava then gathers a huge army around him to go to the island of Lanka along with brave warriors and rescue his dearest wife from prison.

Adipurush (2023)
Adipurush (2023)
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Year: 2023
Country: India
Time:2h 59m
Director:Om Raut
  • Adipurush (2023)
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