Sons of Summer (2023)

The protagonist left his hometown a long time ago, but recently decided to return here for a while to honor the memory of his father, who was killed in the past. Sean still misses him, so when he arrives, he goes to the beach to reminisce about the good times: this is where he and his dad used to surf a lot. However, soon the journey turns into a whole chain of troubles for the hero. Sean's friend invites him to rob a small-time drug dealer. When the boys turn the case, they immediately run into a local crime boss. He takes the protagonist's girl hostage, and now if he doesn't meet his demands, he won't see his girlfriend alive again.
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Sons of Summer (2023)
Sons of Summer (2023)
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Original title:

Sons of Summer

Year: 2023
Country: Australia
Genres: Action / New Movies
Time:1h 28m
Director:Clive Fleury
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