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This was actually a very nice surprise to start a new reviving reviewing season with. Its a film about the dream of a child, a dream that 99% of the world population dream about, namely to have a child. Unfortunately only 85% will come through the normal way, some percent via the tube method, and a tiny fraction come to our brave new world through magics, and thats what this film is about.

Its allthoughits human thematics a horror genericly made film, it has its issues and does have a few strains that slips due to overuse of ultrasound gelatics, but the actors does a great job, the spirits of the acts are well done indeed, the special effects well executed on a moderate budget, even though the beginning and the end of the movie lacks some coherence, the grumpy old man finds this film highly recommendable, not a prescriptive method to make the big break of populating the planet, but a fresh idea to work on for others or maybe a sequel by the vampyrical production crew and bloodthirsty director of the film ''blood born''.

It has its flaws ,but it reflects the desperation of those that hopes and prays, alittle goryhere and there, blood is inevitably connected to child birth, so whether faint hearted or not, it made me have a good morning hour watch. Have a look without expectation and youll be happy ever after.

Blood Born (2021)

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Original title:

Blood Born online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 32min
Director:Reed Shusterman
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