Head to Head (2023)

Darvish works as a driver and Faed works as a mechanic who earns money transporting contraband. One day they receive, at first glance, a simple task, which, however, turns into many unexpected adventures for them. The couple has to pick up the owner of a well-known company at the airport. This man was once nicknamed the "King of Diamonds" in the criminal world. The police managed to catch him, and later the court sentenced the criminal to 20 years in prison. After the prison, the man was deported to his country. Returning here, he finds that his company is thriving and his employees are doing business more legally and eagerly awaiting the appearance of their boss.
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Head to Head (2023)
Head to Head (2023)
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Original title:

Ras Bras

Year: 2023
Country: Saudi Arabia
Genres: Comedy / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 35m
Director:Malik Nejer
  • Head to Head (2023)
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