The Gates (2023)

In 1890, the London public is shocked by a series of murders committed one after another. The streets of the city are full of fear, and the police are doing everything to find an unknown maniac. But now they manage to capture William Colcott, who committed all these crimes. At the trial, the criminal is sentenced to death in the electric chair. At the time of the execution, the man curses everyone in the prison. Some fear his words, while others are skeptical of them. However, soon the evil spirit of Colcott himself appears in the building, trying to kill everyone who gets in his way. Elizabeth and Jonathan, who have long explored all that is unusual and mystical, enter the battle against the supernatural entity. In order to stop the evil entity that seeks to open the gates of Hell, the heroes even cross the line between the world of the living and the world of the dead.
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The Gates (2023)
The Gates (2023)
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Original title:

The Gates

Year: 2023
Country: Ireland
Genres: Horror / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 51m
Director:Stephen Hall
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