Make Me Believe (2023)

The two elderly women have long-standing friendships. One day they decide to arrange the lives of their grandchildren and marry them. However, the problem is that the guy and the girl have not been able to stand each other since they were in school. However, the grandmothers do not despair and go to the trick, calling both of them to her. At the same time, Sahra is having problems at work. The girl is engaged in journalism and long deserves to be promoted, but envious people also want to get this position. In order to advance her career, Sahra is forced to promise to interview the best photographer, who, as it turns out later, is the same Deniz, whom she hated for so long.
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Make Me Believe (2023)
Make Me Believe (2023)
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Original title:

Sen Inandir

Year: 2023
Country: Turkey
Genres: Comedy / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 44m
  • Make Me Believe (2023)
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